Garbage bin on curbside

Garbage & Recycling

Thank you for recycling!

In 2023, 100 Mile House residents recycled 58,125 kgs of packaging and printed paper! This equals about 85 kgs per household, that is the weight of four truck tires! Since the curbside collection program began in 2014, we have diverted 543,581 kgs from the landfill. Keep it up!

Please remember…

Not all recyclables can be collected at the curb, bins are to placed at the curbside bright and early by 7:00 a.m.! Remember that the curbside collection program is for packaging only. Items and products like clothing, laundry baskets, TVs, toys, and other ‘products’ do not belong in your recycling tote.

  • NO products
  • NO glass
  • NO plastic bags 


I need a garbage or recycling tote, what do I do?

If you need garbage and recycling totes please contact us or call 250-395-2434.  If your tote has been damaged please contact Central Cariboo Disposal to arrange a replacement. 

Recycling Information

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