Water Treatment Plant

Water & Sewer

The District of 100 Mile House Utilities Department is responsible for providing the residents with clean water, sanitary sewer treatment and storm water management within the Municipality.

Water Services Information

The District of 100 Mile House drinking water system consists of a single treatment plant that feeds the distribution system through most areas of 100 Mile House. The water distribution system consists of three reservoirs, one booster station and a pressure reducing station. The storage capacity of our reservoirs is as follows: Low Zone Reservoir - 1.2 million liters, High Zone Reservoir – 455,000 liters and the Exeter Reservoir – 1.6 Million Liters.

The distribution system consists of 24.98 km of water mains, 1 booster station, 3 reservoirs, and a total of approximately 850 connections.

Interior Health Water Quality 

Sewer Services Information

The sanitary sewer system is a complex system that connects residential and commercial properties to the wastewater facilities and lagoons located on Canim-Hendrix road.  

It is essential that substances and waste materials entering the sanitary sewer system do not:

  • Harm the environment
  • Damage the treatment plant
  • Complicate the treatment process
  • Post a health threat to maintenance and repair crews

If a matter or liquid can reasonably be thrown into the garbage or recycled please do not flush it down the toilet or wash it down the drain.

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