Bike jumps removed from municipal land


October 16th, 2023

Bike jumps removed from municipal land

Several years ago, the District found itself facing the unauthorized construction of a bike park on municipal lands. Recognizing the efforts spent by the user group in their construction, the District took no action, with two primary conditions:

  •  No Further Development: The proponents were explicitly instructed not to undertake any further development of the rogue bike park.
  • Liability Insurance: The group was required to secure liability insurance for their activities, with the District being named as a third party on the policy. This was intended to mitigate the potential risks involved.

Regrettably, these conditions have not been met. In the face of non-compliance with established conditions, the District of 100 Mile House has taken action to protect its residents and taxpayers. The District's commitment to safety and adherence to its sworn duty drove this difficult decision, along with our responsibility to protect municipal assets.

Bringing the unsanctioned bike skills park up to an insurable standard is considered cost-prohibitive by the trail-building professionals hired to assess the park and its structures. Concerns raised by local residents and the 100 Mile House Fire Department regarding safety and trespassing were given careful consideration. Importantly, the District has sought a collaborative solution to the issue. Multiple attempts have been made by the District to engage with the user group but these concerns remain unaddressed.

The District of 100 Mile House wishes to highlight the well-established and lawful biking opportunities available at the approved 99 Mile Trails area. This trail network is one of many volunteer-driven amenities supported by the District and an excellent example of recreation infrastructure that ensures the safety and enjoyment of both residents and visitors, while respecting the law and regulations in place.

Council has a sworn duty to protect our residents and taxpayers. It is our priority to maintain a safe and vibrant community while upholding the principles of lawful land use. The closure of the unlawfully built bike park is a measure taken in the best interest of the community and is in accordance with our commitment to the well-being of all residents.



​​​​​​​Tammy Boulanger – Administrator

District of 100 Mile House


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